garbage street demo

by Arrowhill

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recorded as one take with voices, banjo, fiddle, and leg stompin'. The spoons were added as a second track due to a lack of limbs.


released July 10, 2013

Jeffrey Niemeier is on fiddle and has been a great busking buddy over the years.



all rights reserved


Arrowhill Grand Rapids, Michigan

Arrowhill family band of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a music collaboration of the Treehouse Community in the Baxter neighborhood.

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Track Name: cripple creek
I got a gal at the head of the creek
Goin up t' see her 'bout the middle of the week
Kiss her on the mouth, just as sweet as any wine
Wraps herself around me like a sweet potatoe vine

Goin' up t' Cripple Creek, goin' on the run
Goin' up t' Cripple Creek t' have a little fun
Goin' up t' Cripple Creek, goin in a whirl
Goin' up t' Cripple Creek t' see my girl

Girls up on Cripple Creek about half grown
Jump on a man like a dog on a bone
I'll roll my britches up to my knees
An' wade in ol' Cripple Creek when I please
Track Name: cluck old hen
cluck old hen cluck and sing
aint seen an egg since way last spring
cluck old hen cluck and squall
aint laid an egg since way last fall

my old hens a good old hen
she lays eggs for the railroad men
sometimes one sometimes two
sometimes enough for the whole damn crew

I had an old hen she had a wooden leg
best old hen that never laid an egg
laid more eggs than any hen around the barn
another drink of whiskey wouldnt do me any harm
Track Name: sally ann
with love in his heart and flowers in hand
Johnny proposed to Sally Ann
Sally shivered as she said
I'll love you till the day I'm dead

Johnny got married in his one good suit
but the ride from church bore strange fruit
down by the road you can hear her cry
as he hung from a tree, she watched him die

who's gonna dance with Sally Ann
who's gonna touch her tremblin' hand
when the fiddler takes the stand
who's gonna dance with Sally Ann

Sally attends every wedding 'round here
lookin' for her Johnny dear
you can feel them in that room
when the fiddler plays that tune

darkened shadows cross the floor
as ghostly lovers dance once more
when weddin' bells ring in that town
a ghostly virgin strolls the ground
Track Name: waterbound
The chickens are crowing in the old pine tree
down in North Carolina

Water bound and I can't get home

Say old man I want your daughter

Tell me boy what you want her for

To break my bread and share my water

If you don't let her go we're gonna run away

The old man's mad and I don't care

Get up Jennie and let's go home